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Blue, blue


Denim shades of blue flower in simple cuts.
Both plain fabric in light denim and prints in various shades of
American denim blue – like sport, tailored form.
These types of fabric rejuvenate because only flat shoes or espadrilles
are required compliting the styling.
Again, you can be as if you were twenty years old!

inspiracje 02


Who does not

like beige?

A few of best known fashion brands
have chosen this colour as a leader in early autumn colletions.
It’s the colour of nature so it works with natural fabric such as
cotton for dresses or wool when we think about outerwear.
Beige is timeless, elegant and classic.
You have no choice – you have to like it!

inspiracje 03


Grid pattern?

or checked!

The grid pattern next to the stripes is one of the most popular
and timeless design.
A large grid popularized by Burberry in the well-known combination of black,
beige, white and red elements.
This season in GREY WOLF we focus primarily on the check.
We have chosen rescale forms, which are large and expressive.
Check this out!


                            BE INSPIRED
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What do you like a GREY WOLF’s collection for?
Is it not that it suits all your major needs that you put through clothing?
We have in mind that you and yours preferences differ, but we can not refuse
the pleasure of providing you with multicoloured, free and casual

                            BE INSPIRED